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Rénovation Zora is Montreal based establishment that specializes in renovations to commercial, residential, and industrial properties. As a member of the Better Business Bureau, you can be assured that our contractors will give 110% in making your homes or businesses like new. We have been serving customers in the Montreal area for over 25 years and integrity is our foundation.

We specialise in many different services such as disaster recovery after a fire or flood. Recovering from a disaster proves to be a very difficult time for everyone. Restoring your home or business is a major investment and we have ensured that all of our clients benefit from the expertise of our highly qualified team.

Rénovation Zora prides itself for providing 24/7 emergency services and maintenance because disaster doesn't have a set schedule. Whether your office has a major fire at the peak hours of business, or your home floods early in the morning, we will be there to serve you. Rénovation Zora strives to give its clients the best return on their investments with the highest level of service and satisfaction.

Disaster Recovery

A small fire in a company's cafeteria can quickly spread into a major fire across the entire office building. Whether big or small, our specialized team in damage recovery will restore your office.