Electrical Services

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Electrical Services

When it’s time to upgrade your Montreal residence, Renovation Zora provides electrical services that includes qualified electrical circuits and wiring, breaker panel and fuse boxes upgrades and safety checks to ensure that all electrical components meet with standard codes.

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Electrical Services

Whether you require an electrical ceiling fan wiring and installation, indoor or outdoor specialty lighting, or want to safely conceal the electrical wiring of flat screen TV’s and computer systems, consult with the Montreal renovation experts for a full range of electrical services that include:

Home Improvement That Includes Electrical Expertise

Protect the safety and the smooth functioning of every electrical component with the qualified services of the licensed and experienced home improvement and repair specialists at Renovation Zora. Our experienced and qualified team of remodeling contractors provide a range of preventative and electrical maintenance services for Montreal homeowners that include electrical upgrades, emergency electrical repairs and electrical installations of any kind.

Eliminate Electrical Hazards During Renovations

Overloaded circuits, faulty wiring and poorly maintained electrical systems can cause a range of problems including a fire that can result in significant property damage. For home improvement projects that require electrical expertise, Renovation Zora installs electrical components; checks carefully for hazards posed by faulty or outdated wiring and provides professional recommendations and services for essential upgrades. Our Montreal renovation specialists ensure that your home is in compliance with electrical code standards and meets the requirements of insurance risk evaluators.

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For your electrical installations big or small, Renovation Zora works closely with you to plan and complete each home improvement project. 

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